Don't you See? Receiving is Your Natural State

.What about receiving? 

…being carried, guided and supported by the flow, by God who is life itself.

To receive, you open your hands
Open your heart…


Versus chasing after everything from your mind and your tight shoulders.

You don’t receive from working hard in your brain.

Braced up for impact all the while. Desiring more in your heart of hearts and at the same time thinking hard about how to get it.

👣Receiving is the deep down breath into the tummy and down into the ground.

🙌🏾Receiving is the letting go through the body and the full experience of surrender…

My journey with receiving has been quite the roller coaster.

Because letting go wasn’t something that came naturally to me…

My biology was wired for holding so tight and tighter and tighter and tighter until it hurt like hell and then holding on some more. Abuse and neglect will do that to a person.

First with relationships - then with money.

I chased after my parents love.
I twisted and contorted myself into the image of family dysfunction I was born into.
I worked hard hard hard … perfectionism, codependency, shame and fear underneath the smile.

The bracing patterns in my body and breath from never feeling safe.

I had momentary glimpses of letting go and receiving before I found nervous system work and those were usually in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.

But even then, there was some part of me that knew that letting go and being in the flow was my natural state.

it was like plugging into a power source and being carried away.

I just didn’t know how to reach that place consistently.

Until I discovered somatic work, and then I knew surrender at the cellular level.

It’s the body science that taught me to let go.

The next layer was money and business the first year I started my business I held on so so so so so tight.

I tried so so so so hard.

I signed my first client so easily, like breathing.

And then I went back into full “try hard” mode.

In the stress and striving I forgot who I was and I forgot everything I knew about the nervous system.

But I don’t regret that time. I needed it.

I learned a lot and still managed to produce some awesome content. Especially my podcast that first year of business came from a deep place. My capacity did expand through that, I just couldn’t see it in the moment.

And it was my body’s way of showing me - through entrepreneurship - the leftover layers of chronic freeze and stress that were ready to move out of my system.

After about 1.5 years of working my business, I had a moment with God that changed everything.

My goal was an 8,000 month but something happened inside me - I got to this place of deep surrender with God and saw him as provider.

And the number 20,000 settled into my spirit.

I danced and danced and danced through the house.

I collected more than 20k that month in cash. And it was no surprise because it already had been revealed to me.

I went from 4,000 to 20,000 through receiving from God.

It was very supernatural but also very physical.

Because I danced and breathed in the provision that was supporting me.

And I was open heart and hands to receive it.

And every income leap I have had since then has been about that - about surrender, the calling, and receiving.

Something else happens though, when we start to let go… the survival energy that’s been held starts to move through the body.

And it feels intense - it can be just a little tear, an inner tremble, a heat rush, or a chill, or just a feeling of wobbling inside.

And it literally reorganizes your whole body - even your organs, your cells and your hormones.

As you release what you’ve been holding the life force flows again.

Receiving is about tapping into the flow again instead of doing it all from the neck up.

It’s about rising above the static and noise.

It’s the difference between jumping in the river and being carried away or putting on your boots and backpack (baggage) and walking up the hill you think you’re supposed to climb because it’s always been that way and hard is what you know….

If you check in with your heart and your spirit… the deep place within you… which would you rather?

💃🏽The thing about it is that receiving is your natural state.

Yes - It’s your NATURAL state.

Just because it hasn’t been normal for you doesn’t mean it’s not natural.

Do you see? You’ve felt it deep down…

That really, you’re not meant to be all in the weeds, tangled up and moving the needle inch by inch with it on your shoulders about to crash down on you any minute.

Receiving is the place where the body regenerates, you are plugged into who you truly are at the destiny level, and you feel most alive.

It’s where your work takes on a life of its own and flows through you from another place and all you have to do is be in awe and gratitude for what you’ve allowed yourself to be part of.

. You’ll feel the tightness and the holding and the bracing. And maybe you can just be with it for a moment at a time, but soon you’ll learn to follow what the body naturally wants to do… you’ll feel it start to bring that survival energy up to the surface.

And the surrender, the yielding is what transforms the survival stress into life energy again.

Go there. Go to that place.

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