[GHC Episode 58 - Axis of Healing Pt 3. Emotional System(s)]

This week's episode is all about the Emotional System(s). I talk about how emotional literacy, emotional intelligence, and emotional maturity are gateways to cultivating the divine feminine.
I also give 9 tips to help you heal your emotional system(s). 

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Show Notes: 

Emotional system is a messenger system

Drinking some Canadian Tim Hortons steeped tea and ate some pizza - watched mommy tang and the simply podlogical podcast. Had 5 coaching calls. And now i’m recording this podcast. 


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Announcement - Healing Masterclass Series - #3 - Grounded spirituality how to use spiritual tools to move your life forward without taking on a specific religious or spiritual modality. 

And this is sooo so important: 


This masterclass is very special - I know that people struggle with spiritual bypass, spiritual abuse, and trauma resulting from toxic spiritual dogmas and beliefs. 


As a result of this we often throw the baby out with the bathwater. Denying spirituality all together in favour of what we believe to be "logical" or "Rational". But this seems to make the healing journey much harder.


Trauma does not just impact the body and the brain - but the spirit also. I often say the experience of trauma feels like soul annihilation. 


And so, in healing, we can't neglect our spiritual selves. In this class I'm going to be sharing three spiritual tools that you can use on your own individual path to help provide you with a soft place to land on your healing journey. 


And I'm going to be sharing how to use these tools without adopting any specific spiritual modality so you can embrace your own individuality and uniqueness along the way.


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Okay guys - we’re going over the emotional system today.

We are on our third instalment of the AXIS of healing series. Not the axis of evil lol - but the axis of healing. And we’re looking at all the elements that make us human. All the elements that need to be healed and balanced within our being as unique human systems. Divine human systems. 


And the axis of healing and success is comprised of your nervous systems, psyche and mental systems, your emotional systems, and your spiritual systems. 


The emotional system is a pathway to the divine feminine - now notice I said DIVINE, HEALED , LOVING feminine - NOT shadow feminine, NOT dysfunctional feminine. 


We see reflected in the world this shadow of the feminine energy which is emotional control, using emotional hysteria to control others, and really weaponizing feelings whatever they are. 

And then we also see the shadow masculine when it comes to our emotional system where we try to disregard our emotions, to dismiss them, to dismiss the emotions of others to make people you know chin up and get over it. 


So how do we navigate our emotional system(s), and recognize them and reverence them and keep ourselves healthy and sound and restore our emotional health and soundness because that’s healing it’s the process of becoming healthy and sound again.


And just a note here - the benefits of your increasing your emotional intelligence, your emotional literacy, and your emotional maturity are endless. This is really the be all and end all of success to me. Like once you have mastery and authority over your emotional self and your emotional life, you can take on anything. It really reduces resistance, it helps us tell the truth, it helps us hear the truth of others, and it helps us connect to ourselves and others so here are some key points to help you on your journey to embracing yoru divine feminine, your emotional self 


  1. Your emotions are messages - you decide what those messages mean
  2. Allow your emotions to be felt, but don’t allow them to control you - you don’t want to be at the mercy of your emotional life, you want to have authority over your emotional life
  3. Don’t make any emotions wrong, and don’t make yourself wrong for any emotion you feel
  4. Appreciate and reverence the depth and the strength of your feelings
  5. MAke a practice of experiencing, naming, and describing and discovering your emotions. 
  6. There’s a difference between thinking through your emotions and actually feeling, experiencing and processing them
  7. Willingness to feel any emotion - going all in on life
  8. Deep healing means deep feeling baby.
  9. Tend to your emotional system with care - pay attention - 

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