If I Adapted to Survive, Then I Can Adapt to Thrive.


Take trauma off it’s pedestal baby. 

Stop worshipping it. 


Trauma is part of the human experience. EVERYONE will experience at some point. 


It’s terrifying, awful, and scary - but you know what is more awe-inspiring and powerful than trauma?


Specifically - YOUR human spirit!  


Your body is designed to help you get through THE WORST. 

So many of the natural human experiences are inherently traumatic.

Birth and death being two of the mains. 


Trauma simply means too much, too soon, too fast. Something that took over your life energy and harnessed it to simply get you through it. TO SURVIVE it. Your body was made to HELP you survive it.


Those of us who experienced that at the hands of parents/caregivers? Sure - we went through the tough shit at very young ages. It was hard. It was scary. It was terrifying. And it was tragic. 


But you were actually MADE to overcome that.

Your body and brain and spirit and emotional system was made to grow, heal and change. Period. 


You cannot tell me otherwise. 

Stop shaming yourself for having a body that adapted to survive. And recognize - if you adapted to survive - then surely, you can adapt to thrive. 


And you cannot tell me otherwise. 


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