I always rise

There’s a secret to recovery from anything really - failure, trauma, a breakup, addiction - anything.

And it’s a small little diamond in the rough of all souls that are strong enough to overcome the difficulties/pressures/tragedies of life ( which is really just overcoming our OWN shadows and self-concept and “bullshit” which of course is the result of the conditioning and layering of traumas and inherited imprints and nervous system patterns that have been handed down from the ages through the global family tree. And of course inherent in life itself is tragedy... the existential woes of the struggles we crash up against)

But back to the secret...and that is - the belief that you will always rise.

Because how are you going to get through the detox (literally or metaphorically) of your old identity? How will you have the stamina to move that life of yours forward? To recode your brain, to expand your window of tolerance and your capacity to HAVE what it is that you may not even be allowing yourself to desire...? Where will you find it within you to weather the storms... And do all that’s required, if you don’t, deep deep down believe that you will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS rise.

This is the cheesy corny really life-coachey stuff that is cliche for a reason. Because it’s real, it’s the truth. And it works.

Yes there are so many tools, so many supportive people that can help you. But listen - you’ve gotta find that pebble in your core - that little mustard seed of determination - that KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will rise above. That you will beat it. That you will be able to do what you came here to do...

Break generational cycles, free your family tree, speak your truth, make your art, heal your soul’s agony and carve a sculpture of meaning out of the lump of clay you’ve been given.

Maybe you’re thinking... “Ya...There’s part of me that for sure will always rise and knows for sure I’m gonna create the life I want. Or at least that I CAN create it. And there’s a part of me that thinks it’s easier to lay down underneath the obstacle and pray it passes” <----- That of course doesn't work because the obstacle is never - or very rarely at least - the proverbial thing - the obstacle is the chaos of our own inner world.

This is an essential phase of transformation and healing. The “gap - the void - the in between”. And in this space, the decision to rise must be made. And it looks nothing like the fantasy. The decision is usually made with trembling and fear and it’s wobbly and raw and feels sort of vague or foggy and there's some failure and missteps in there because thats just PART OF THE GAME... but also there’s courage and faith and a glimmer of clarity.

And I know it feels hard to make that choice. To believe in the power of your decision even in the midst of what you lost. But self-belief doesn’t come out of nowhere and land in your lap.

It’s actually something you practice.

It’s something you choose to build.

Slowly but surely like a muscle. You just start with that pebble of trust. And build from there. Moment by moment. Day by day.

WHILE you are trembling... there’s that little heart whisper... “I always rise”

while you are doubting yourself “I will always rise”

while your going through the pits of hell within yourself “I will always rise”

Until it makes its way down through your nervous system into your heart and lungs. Until it becomes WHO.YOU.ARE.

There’s no magic to it. It’s just practice. But also the practice itself is the magic.

I always rise above my failure and indecision and doubt

I always rise above my petty judgements and insecurities

I always rise above my self-defeating habits and beliefs

I always rise above my terrifying fears, depression, and anxieties

I always rise above my inner critic and self hate and rigid standards or pressure and perfection

I simply always rise to meet my true self up there beyond the limitations that are just made up anyway.

It’s not that those things don’t come up. It’s not that I don’t feel scared or worried or doubtful. I do (obviously)!!! And sometimes I do stupid shit or fail. That's just part of being a human.

But I always rise above it, sometimes with the shame of it all still lingering.

In my mind there is no other choice, and more importantly in my heart and soul and core and lungs... there is no.other.choice.

And that’s why you continue forward isn’t it... because deep down you know that you will rise too - even with the shame of it all still lingering.

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