What EXACTLY does it take to break through resistance and shame?

What EXACTLY does it take to break through resistance and shame?

The gap between here and there… the great divide… the dark forest… that thick foggy smog that must be traveled through to get to where you wanna go.

How exactly do you get there?
And… before you start moving - how do you deal with the blanket of resistance and shame that keeps you laying low below desire?

One. Day. At. A Time Darling.
That’s it.

You don’t swallow that beast with all its fire whole on day one. It would explode you. 

You sit up, swing those legs over the bed. And do today’s work.
And today’s work is the absolute hardest to do isn’t it?

And what do I mean by work? I’m not talking about it in the traditional sense --- although maybe I am --- but what I really mean is the emotional and spiritual work. Going about the business of sorting out the chaos inside. Untangling that big heavy knot one string at a time.

Gently tugging.

Isn’t it true that the simple things are the hardest to do?

The amount of courage and faith and personal fortitude it takes to muster up the courage to do the piddly non-glamorous work of today when what you want and where you wanna go seems oh so far away.

Wouldn’t it be easier to name and claim the big fantasy?
Wouldn’t it be easier to get lost in what you’ll do tomorrow?

Tomorrow I’ll take the walk… tomorrow I’ll practice my healing practice, tomorrow I’ll journal, tomorrow i’ll say no. Tomorrow I will magically love myself and make everything in my life absolutely perfect and follow the perfect most curated self-care routine that rivals GOOP! Tomorrow…

What are you doing? You’re putting off the pain of reality. But if you put off that pain, you’ll never master it baby. If you put off the pain of the day-to-day battles. The mundane, ordinary, private victories… then what are you left with tomorrow? The same old same.

The mountain seems too tall to move, but that’s because you’re still standing at the base. You haven’t started the CLIMB!

That’s the one foot business. One foot after the other. Chug. chug. Through all that self-doubt, through all that trauma, through all that depression/anxiety/rage/pain and fear. 

It’s one foot in front of the other.

If you do not begin the journey, you will not be triumphant at the end.
If you do not continue to walk forward when all hope seems lost - you will be stuck in the middle.

How do you get unstuck?
How do you deal with the heavy -quicksand -ice -water -foggy too-muchness of where you wanna GO… how do you push through the resistance and heal the shame?

You put one foot in front of the other. For today. 

It is the simplest and hardest part.
Today’s victory is the only victory which matters darling. 

Continue Forward in Healing, 


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