In today's podcast I talk about what it means to build resilience. I talk about what it means to build emotional resilience, and some common misconceptions/myths about what resilience is. 

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Resilience is the ability to bounce back. Move on. Get on with your life.

Resilience is an Emotional Skill that can be built. I like to think that people who have dealt with trauma actually have tremendous capacity to build resilience because of what we have been through. And we think what we have been through disqualifies us - but I really think it qualifies us for some tremendous transcendence, leadership, spiritual gifts if you’re into that kind of thing, as well as empathy, discernment etc - listen to how you think about trauma for more on that.

What Resilience Is:
Connecting to our emotions
Moving through emotions
Managing our own internal states
Recognizing when we need support and obtaining it
Saying how we feel, saying what we mean
Asking for our needs to be met
Saying now - Protecting Ourselves
Knowing the difference between others and ourselves
Coming back from experiences that are painful, embarrassing, sad
Learning from mistakes, learning how to fail

What Resilience Isn’t:
Pushing down feelings and grinding and hustling
Using compulsions/addictions to manage pain
Pretending to be okay when you’re not
Dealing with everything along and not seeking support
Always helping other people, never showing weakness/fear/pain
Being perfect and never making mistakes
Being immune to fear, sadness, confusion

How to Build Your Resilience:
Feeling the full Spectrum of Emotion
Getting Support
Not hiding from life
Moving outside your comfort zone
Embrace what is hard and what doesn’t come naturally to you


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