It Is Safe to Have More Than Enough


You’re not the pressure and internal dialogue inside your head. 

You’re not in the past. And... You’re not destined to eat only the crumbs and scraps of life.

EVEN if that’s what your childhood experience was like. 


The imprints of trauma = get through the day, the hour. SURVIVE. 


This is why most who grew up in pathological families have a thought/emotion loop that runs something like this:

“There’s not enough time.”
“There’s not enough money.”
“There’s not enough energy”

The system is churning as if we were still living in the danger and threat of abusive neglectful families. 

And as this churn continues, we end up pushing away, running away from, or avoiding what we truly WANT, what we truly DESIRE and LONG for out of life. 

We never experienced the safety of more than enough and so we believe it will never be safe to experience it.  

But the beauty of humanity, is our ability to THINK about how we think. 

And our brain's ability to change. 

And our nervous system’s capacity to process these old traumas and dramas and move them out to clear space for MORE. 

How often do you spend time thinking about what you desire?

What would bring you joy and ecstasy in your life? 

When was the last time you cried tears of joy because you RECEIVED something that brought you a deep sense of pleasure, peace, contentment?

If we’re not careful - we will spend the rest of our lives running from the tiger that is never coming. With our entire system marinating in dangers and threats from the past. Thinking we’re always running out and that we’re not enough… even though the past which created these conditions of fear and terror and scarcity are over. 

Have you stopped to feel and sense the churn of pressure and fear in your system lately? Or have you been simply reacting to it on default - believing the stories formed in a state of panic and fear, when you were too young to consciously decide?

When was the last time you took a look under the hood babe? Or are you just driving yourself into the ground?

I invite you to take a moment to remember the present moment. What does your body feel like right now? Is it trembling, frozen, terrified, despairing? Can you allow those sensations to emerge and be with yourself through it for a moment. Can you practice clearing space for what you desire to come into your life.

Life does not have to be pain and suffering darling.

Even if that’s all it was in the past. 

Recognize how your body, mind, and spirit is still repeating and living in the past. And instead of being carried away by the same current  - living on autopilot in a place of pressure and fear…. 

FEEL. Feel it, notice it, experience it, release it. Repeat. 

And you will teach your nervous system, brain, and spirit that love and peace exists beyond the terrifying loops of the past. 

And you will teach yourself what it feels like to be safe in abundance, worthiness, and joy right here.

That you are worthy of goodness. 

That life can be more than pain and pressure. 

That you can expand your capacity to receive. 

That you were enough for that all along.

Continue Forward in Healing, 

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