Shed that old skin. Dance in the Metamorphosis

I’m moving through a time of deep detox in my life. On a cellular level I can feel myself release-release-releasing so much of the old skin. And it’s a complete internal process - has nothing to do with what’s outside of me in the physical sense.

If I’m honest I’ve definitely tried to manufacture metamorphosis in my before life by pushing things away in my outer world. People, places, things. But it never works does it?

No - this time - like the (many) other times I’ve gone through this deep and true and real spiritual cleansing - is all about my inner world. The habits, thought processes, and spiritual ties that for whatever reason are now ready to be released from me.  Whenever this happens, I feel this intense clarity of vision and direction.  The way becomes clearer. The sharpness of truth starts slicing away what's not so true at all.

Yes, it’s raw.
Yes, it does involve making some internal adjustments.
Yes, it definitely involves a little scraping and scrapping at the bullshit within me that needs to go. New layers of fear, new layers of family narratives, new memories which emerge from nowhere. It’s like I’m being sanded down. Scraped back to what matters. What means something. To the truth. 

And what’s revealed there is both nothing and everything. 

It is a clear space and also an open door. 

The portal as I say.

Growth is constant. Healing is constant. Change is constant. Period. You can’t sit and stop and make a home in the place that wrecked and rebuilt you 5 years ago. Because that place has stale energy to it. The newness fades, and with it goes the passion and flavour of living. Familiar though it may be, things just aren’t working - or flowing without a lot of re-jigging and adjusting and crick cracking.

But the window opens and there’s the portal - there’s the door. You can move forward to build a new fortress within - or you can sit in the old chair that once fit perfectly but now just feels a little… stiff? 

We shed because we need the new skin. We shed because the old shell is much too calloused and hard for us to receive the desires of our hearts. We shed because the old cast keeps us from the motion of truly LIVING. 

Or we don’t. And we stay and crystallize in that place. We become stiff and rigid. And in our rigidity we expect life to stop moving for us. And we start looking for control. And we start grasping onto things that only have a reflection of true joy. And in the distance… we hear our true inner-self screaming and retching in desperation. 

Metamorphosis is our natural state. To be moving with life - to be constantly unearthing and opening. To be listening to the galaxy of our own bodies as they present to us the gifts of healing each day. And to be walking in that way. 

But it’s hard isn’t it. To break that old cast off and let those limp limbs try and stumble toward the light. To move through the dark forest through that portal - where something - something which resonates so full and true - is there waiting.

But what about certainty? What about safety? What about what other people will think?

What about it darling? Certainty and safety come from within you. Not from the hard shell you manufactured around you. 

But it’s so hard… what if it breaks me? What If I really am the coward my mother said I am?

If it was going to break you… if you were that coward… you wouldn’t have the knowing within you that you were meant for more. 


Move forward… dance forward toward the calling. You will heal as you dance. You will learn as you dance and your faith will grow as you dance. It’s what you were meant for. It’s how it was always meant to be. The trauma of your childhood years will move through you as you dance. And you will shed that old skin to the raw and fresh and sensitive under layer - where you feel your way through.

Of course you’ll cry, and it might hurt a little… but the sun and the water will feel like heaven to you in that place. And you’ll be restored again and again.

As you dance in the metamorphosis. 

Continue Forward in Healing, 


Deep Healing and Spiritual Power is here - 4 weeks to move beyond love and light, make the unconscious conscious, face your demons, heal your inner child and move forward with power. This program is ground floor to the sky, (body, mind and soul) and I’m creating it for you to have the deep internal shifts needed to live a life of healing and power. 

This is about you - about what you desire, about what you’ve been through, about how the struggle you endure within you seems to be reflected in your outer world as well. But also about how, deep within you, you can sense there is another way to live. A different way. And you can sense that despite all the doubt and fear and confusion that you are actually SUPPOSED to be living from that place. That place of spiritual power and deep healing. And carrying that out into the world into your relationships, your career, your parenting, your marriage, your ART, your music, and indeed your LIFE… after all - you are life itself aren’t you?

I’m so excited to share the bones of this work with you from my heart. This is what has truly changed my life and transformed it so many times, and I haven’t spoken this deeply about it until now. 

This is for those of you who completely FEEEL within  you - even if it’s vague or feels foggy or weird and the self-doubt comes up - you still KNOW and FEEL intuitively that what happened to you as a child has a connection to your current reality - but you’ve been unable to go there until now.

You’ve felt like you have a big soul - a powerful spirit, but you find yourself constantly crashing up against the brick walls of self-sabotage, doubt and fawning underneath the weakness within you and the surface level spirituality has not worked for you or you haven’t been able to apply it to your life practically.

We start Saturday August 29th, and I’ve got a payment plan option available for you to make it more accessible. I want you to have this and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Get all the details here:  


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