Childhood Trauma & (REAL) Spiritual Power

To me, there is absolutely no recovery from childhood abuse and neglect and trauma without spiritual power. They simply co-exist together. Because everything is everything - the body, the spirit, the psyche, the emotional body… everything IS everything.

Ya.. but WHAT IS spiritual power EXACTLY?

Well… it’s the thing that carried you through the horrors you survived-  for one.
But also, it’s the thing that is ACTUALLY going to move your life forward beyond survival and into abundance, joy and most importantly receiving love.
And I’m not talking about the soggy weak spirituality of fake love and light which pretends everything is okay behind glossy dissociated eyes. 


I’m talking about the spiritual power that comes from integrating the WHOLE thing. From your head down to your toes, and from your toes back up to your head. Because spirituality without connection to the body is the kind of spirituality that actually perpetuates the trauma and disconnection.

So what am I even talking about exactly? I think it takes spiritual power to connect to your body after trauma and abuse. I think it takes spiritual power to allow your body and soul to be witnessed in the dark place. I think it takes spiritual power to admit how much it affected you and wounded you and how scared you are that you might not ever change. I think it takes spiritual power to see how you’ve created unhealthy, sabotaging habits, and even taken on some of the traits of your childhood home and to look inward and see those shadows.

I think it takes spiritual power (faith - specifically) to believe that despite being told the opposite time and time again by the words and actions of a damaged family system - YOU CAN OVERCOME! You can walk through that darkness and come through it healed and humbled and empowered and brought to your knees but also standing tall above it all.

It takes spiritual power to set boundaries (within the SELF), it takes spiritual power to let your truth ring up from your throat. It takes spiritual power to practice a healing practice consistently and stop waiting for other people to change for you to get your life together. It takes spiritual power to grieve the dream of a family that existed as a mirage only - a home filled with people but empty of love and safety. It takes spiritual power to heal the body and nervous system and mind.  It takes spiritual power to surrender. It takes spiritual power to stop blaming and shrinking and start owning and expanding and thinking high-quality thoughts.

Because it’s hard. It’s hard to change. It’s hard to transform. It’s hard to become a new person. It’s hard to rise above. But it was also hard to go through what you went through - wasn’t it? And wasn’t it something bigger than you which carried you through that? Your miraculous body with its complex survival systems - keeping everything alive - even if frozen - to get you through those days as an innocent child.  And wasn’t it your spirit that rose up even then in a whisper and said:  “This will not break me. This ends with me.”

And that same spiritual power will carry you through the healing, the transcendence, the mundane, boring, frustrating, inside-out journey of rebuilding your life after all that. That same spiritual power will help you receive love, support and guidance along the way. That same spiritual power will help you change those self-defeating habits.

And it’s not the fantasy spiritual power which instantly sprinkles fairy dust on you so you never have to struggle, exert yourself, or make the commitment again. It’s the spiritual power that HELPS you through the struggle, the self exertion, and the commitment again (the commitment to yourself is what I mean). The journey is the miracle, the raw private moments are the magic. The private victories - as they say.

You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to do everything right. That’s the fantasy. You don’t have to walk around in a kaftan and dreadlocks saying “Namaste” to have spiritual power (unless you truly want to and if that is the case more power to you darling). You don’t have to pretend you’re not seething with rage, contentment, fear, or self-hatred. You don’t have to gloss over your rough edges.

You simply have to keep walking forward - doing today’s work today -  and it’s the spiritual power that will keep you putting one foot in front of the other. It is a physiological, emotional, spiritual, alchemical miracle that you are here reading this - and that miracle will carry you through the journey.  Your ordinary day by day journey - which anyone who really does this work knows that it’s the daily practice which is the most spiritually powerful thing in the world, and outside of it.

PS.... I would love to help you through this journey. This is my life's work and my greatest gift to share with you the mindset, tools, and spiritual insights of what it takes to heal from the inside-out from the pain of childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect. I believe we who have been through this are special, big souls. You've probably felt that way sometimes yourself. What you have been through doesn't have to do destroy you. It can be your greatest power, but there is no way around the journey from unconscious survivor to king or queen. It is a path you must travel within yourself, and I can help you with it because it's a journey I travel each day. It's more than trauma-theory, nervous system science, it's calling forward your courage, strength, and power. 

If you know its time to take this work to the level you've always wanted to take it, click here to book a free consultation with me for my Pain to Power 1-1 coaching program:  I can't wait to talk with you. 


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