I Was Like A Beast

I was like a beast toward you…

Psalm 73:21-22
When my soul was embittered,
    when I was pricked in heart,

I was brutish and ignorant;
    I was like a beast toward you.


“I was like a beast toward you…”

In our natural state, we are embittered toward God. Completely brutish, ignorant and beastly. Filled with pride, unable to see how utterly poor we are in spirit.

King Nebuchadnezzar in his pride stood on the roof of the palace and boasted of all his accomplishments - how he had built up Babylon with his mighty power. 


But even as he beat his chest in self-congratulation, he was humbled moments later and for seven years he became an insane beast in the wild.

While the words were still in the king's mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, “O King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is spoken: The kingdom has departed from you,  and you shall be driven from among men, and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of...

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Trauma Healing in the Christian Life

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Well I wrestled with sharing this - because I really don’t want to be misunderstood as condemning. This is not being published to condemn or to take a legalistic stance on therapy, medication or anything like that. 

This is a word that has been building continually on my Spirit since my salvation around the difference between trauma healing as a believer in Jesus vs trauma healing in the world. 

The healing journeys look very different. 

While much of secular healing, personal development and psychology falls in the realm of common grace and is neutral and we are free to use it as believers. 

However, there has been an idolatry of these modalities and even modalities that directly contradict what the Lord has shown us in His Word about the nature of...

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A New Season of Obedience - Life & Business Update

Watch the live video replay on instagram here

Since I placed my trust in Christ, my business has been consistently transforming as I have surrendered layer upon layer to Jesus.

For over 2 years now, it has been a journey of wrestling, seeking God, being sensitive to the Spirit, and sometimes delaying obedience in the direction I receive from God.

He is so patient with me.

But each time I have followed God He has been gracious and faithful.

Last year He gave me a vision for something new: Heart to Christ. 


He began to show me that he wanted me to teach and speak about topics for people who are coming out of various life backgrounds and into the Gospel and the Body of Christ. 


I knew it was going to be a lot of teaching and breaking down concepts from Scripture to bridge the gap for people - healing, apologetics, cultural commentary etc.


However, as time unfolded I realized that it was more than that. 


The Lord was asking me to share my...

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Can you know God Without Jesus? General Knowledge of God Vs Saving Knowledge of Jesus

I received a question on my instagram that is a GREAT QUESTION! And I want to take the time to answer it here:

The Question:
Hello. Real question, do you really think people who have never heard about Jesus can never be connected to the real God ? Or are there cases where it could be (indigenous people for instance, who talk about and with « the great spirit, the great mystery »… or even occidental people who would just talk to « God ».

The answer to this question can be found in understanding the difference between a Saving Knowledge of Jesus VS a General Revelation of God. 

General Knowledge/Revelation of God 

All people - though many will not admit it - have a general knowledge of God. We have general knowledge of God through our conscience and our capacity for moral reasoning. And we also have this general knowledge through how God has revealed Himself in Creation. 


The Bible teaches us about God’s revelation of Himself...

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The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Bypassing

When I was steeped in the New Age, I used to talk a lot about spiritual bypassing.

Granted - spiritual bypassing is a real thing and it is a problem in every spiritual community - even in mindset communities - it’s mindset bypassing instead of spiritual bypassing.

I used to believe that the way to be free from spiritual bypassing and patterns of denial was through the body.

I believed that you had to learn to regulate your nervous system to truly heal and understand spirituality.

I don’t believe that anymore.

I still think the nervous system plays a major role in healing of any kind.

And if you were to take Jesus out of the picture, then that is where you would start - with the patterns in the body.

But the Bible is true when it says that the Spirit (that is the Holy Spirit) makes the body alive. (Romans 8:11).

Jesus gives you a new heart when you give your life to Him.

Before we know God we have a heart of stone. The heart of stone is a heart that is spiritually blind,...

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Something New & Different - Renewing Your Mind


Happy Saturday!

I woke up with this on my heart to write for you.

RENEWING YOUR MIND - Something New, and Different
What is renewing your mind?

Mind renewal is a spiritual thing that begins in your inner being and over time transforms the physical organ of the brain and the nervous system through neuroplasticity.

The process starts when you give your life to Jesus and receive salvation.

At the point of salvation you receive God’s Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit is in you, it transforms your spirit, your soul, your thinking process, your physical body, and your heart.

So many of our patterns come from broken thinking.

Those of us in the coaching world know this deeply to be true. We tend to watch our thinking more than most.

And we are aware that everything we think is not the truth. That’s why we hire coaches because they help us see clearly. And that’s what we help our clients do as well.

From a...

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What is the Holy Spirit?


There are many spirits influencing the coaching space. It's a very spiritual space which I quite like because it represents people who are searching for what really matters.

But there is only one pure and HOLY spirit.

So - What is the Holy Spirit (ruach ha-kodesh in Hebrew) ?

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God.

It is the same spirit that breathed upon the waters in the book of Genesis and created the earth.

It is the Spirit that raised Jesus' body from the dead.

It is the same Spirit that fills up your heart when you receive salvation (when you put all your trust and faith in Jesus and His Sacrifice on the cross and you give your life to Him). When this happens, the Spirit makes your body alive.

The Holy Spirit is described by Jesus as a Comforter.

After Jesus appeared to the disciples in his Risen body, He told them He was going to up to heaven to the Father to prepare a place for them.

They were sad that He was leaving, but He explained to them that...

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Worship & Your Nervous System


Oxford Languages Defines worship as:
The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.
"the worship of God"

Interestingly, Dr Stephen Porges, founder of Polyvagal Theory has discussed the importance of cultivating a sense of “awe” as part of restoring the health of the nervous system.

As believers, the ultimate source of awe is God Himself. The Bible will often describe this as the “fear of the Lord”

When we worship God, there is a change in the spirit and the body.

In the presence of the Lord a natural surrender occurs in which we may weep, tremble, or move in ways that we do not normally do. Not just the spirit, but the physical body surrenders/yields to the Lord.

Worship is the expression of the awe of God.
When we worship, we are brought into the presence of the Lord.

Here we are in the presence of perfection and purity. We are in the presence of all that is good and true.

This presence is healing &...

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Walking by Faith & The Utter Deadness of Self-Sufficiency

When I shut down my previous certification school - The School of Embodied Healing Systems during the launch of what I thought would be the 3rd round, I knew the Lord wanted to do something new - I just wasn’t totally sure what it was.

Despite the deep knowing in my Spirit that the Lord was leading me in a new direction and a sense that He wanted me to be poured out totally for Him and to completely study His Word and create something new in the industry….

The actual practicalities of it? It felt murky and really unknown territory.

During the time between shutting down The School of Embodied Healing Systems and launching Faithful - there was an intense pruning that took place. 

I would say the number 1 pruning during that time was pruning away self-sufficiency and running business by my own will and way.

Even at the beginning of the Faithful Launch I had my own ideas about what it would be and the Lord totally rearranged that from the pricing to the curriculum.


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I've been thinking about you... about lighting up a new way forward for you this year

I get you. My 5+ year coaching career has been spent helping women just like you at the nervous system level. 

And by women like you I mean: The beautiful, eccentric, high-performing, entrepreneurial woman that you are.

Believe me when I say that I deeply understand that you are different. You are highly skilled and intelligent  in key areas and when you’re operating in those areas you are absolutely LIT UP!

These areas are the God-given gifts that the Lord has given to you. People  are simply in awe of how much you are gifted in that area. 

I know that you’re in your most dialed-in flow-state when you are operating in those gifts and when you’re there - it’s like a slice of heaven on earth.

I also know that sometimes ( a lot of times) that flow-state can feel elusive. And you can feel foggy headed, dysregulated, distracted, and even a deep sense of frustration at times when it comes to putting all the pieces of your vision together. 

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